Greater for the ONE

Greater for the ONE

Greater for the ONE

If you remember Morpheous from the Matrix, you’d probably remember this famous quote: Are you going to take the red pill or the blue pill? You take the blue pill and you wake up believing what ever you want to believe (with variety of superfluous hosting plan selling the same thing), you take the blue pill and you stay on reality (with the best on what you can really get in web hosting). This would fit perfectly into what you really need to know about web hosting, because you really only need ONE.

There are many web hosting packages that varies from different specifications and technology, as they are all priced differently and served differently. But you’ll almost always notice that none were able to fulfil everything that you wanted. There are usually pros and cons between reliability and affordability, and to you both are equally important, right?

So if there’s only ONE that has it all, you’ll be cleared out of the cloudy choices. Well reality is closer than you thought, because EQHost’s ONE hosting plan is giving their best in only ONE plan. It includes what is more-than-enough for any typical user looking for disk space, data transfer, email account, FTP and more.

Find out more from what you can get in this ONE plan from here.

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Why Choose EQHost?

Since year 2000.
The most affordable plan.
Best specs into only one plan.
Site setup immediately.
RVSiteBuilder with over 800 templates for free.
99.9% of uptime.
Multiple choices of CMS
3 easy methods payment.
12 hours respond time and live chat.
Complete an order in 5 simple steps.
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