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Why EQHost?

Why are you still taking your valuable time to choose among hundreds of plan out there when all you need is one plan that you can trust. Maybe you are comparing between the disk space, the data transfer, the MySQL and all others specifications that you want so precisely that you can’t decide which is the best. At the end, you’ll end up with a dilemma or worst if you experienced buyer’s remorse.

Here, you have nothing to worry about because you’ll find everything you need in one powerful plan. Everything that you ever wanted, we’ll give you more than enough. We focus our primary improvement and development all on ONE plan because we don’t want you to think twice, or have dilemma, or feel insufficient. We give you our best.

With ONE plan, we give you 100GB disk space, 100GB disk space, unlimited for e-mail accounts, sub domain and more. Click here to find out more.

And with only ONE plan, you’ll get a reliable web hosting service with up to 99.9% of up-time. All of this in one price of RM70 per year.