Trick or treat with features?

Trick or treat with features?

If building a website by yourself is just too much of trouble and possibly considered as expensive for you if you hire a designer, then you might not have discovered the power of Fantastico and Softaculous. These two auto installer will spare you the cost and time to build different types of website ranging from a blog, a website or even a forum. Fantastico and Softaculous are often compared side by side by many users.

Fantastico has been knuown to be more popular than it’s competitor Softaculous for it’s longer existance in the market of auto installer. These two provides an easy installation for anyone who is a beginner or advance user to easily install content management system (CMS) for their site. User can choose from various popular CMS, rich feature applications and scipts to work with their sites.

If you are looking to install popular CMS for e-commerce system such as WHMCS or Magento, Softaculous is known to be good with these. It provides easy steps for installation as compared to manual installation.

Both Fantastico and Softaculous are available on EQHost, get started with your website now.

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