ONE Hosting Plan

We'll give you ONE powerful plan that fits all. There's no need for S, M or L size when it comes to shopping for web hosting specifications, because our simplified ONE plan is going to save you from all the headache of choosing by putting more than what you need into ONE simple, affordable yet reliable web hosting plan for only $2.99USD/month.

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Why Choose EQHost

  • There's no dilemma because we make the best for you all in ONE plan only.
  • We provide a reliable web hosting service that you can be sure of it's quality.
  • We provide site-builder feature that is easy and simple to start your site.
  • We incorporate various WordPress based template for you to choose from.

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Trick or treat with features?

If building a website by yourself is just too much of trouble and possibly considered as expensive for you if you hire a designer, then you might not have discovered the power of Fantastico and Softaculous. These two auto installer will spare you the cost...

Greater for the ONE

Greater for the ONE If you remember Morpheous from the Matrix, you’d probably remember this famous quote: Are you going to take the red pill or the blue pill? You take the blue pill and you wake up believing what ever you want to believe...

EQHost launches simplified “One” hosting plan

Kuala Lumpur, March 2 – Web hosting provider EQhost launches its new “One” hosting plan that focuses only on a single plan to meet all essential needs of web hosting. After 10 years selling locally and internationally, EQHost is now integrated with a new web...

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Supported Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress Drupal Joomla Magento Roundcube
Concrete 5 phpBB Zen Cart Xoops 50+ More…

Payment Method

Payment Method

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Why Choose EQHost?

Since year 2000.
The most affordable plan.
Best specs into only one plan.
Site setup immediately.
RVSiteBuilder with over 800 templates for free.
99.9% of uptime.
Multiple choices of CMS
3 easy methods payment.
12 hours respond time and live chat.
Complete an order in 5 simple steps.