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EQHost is a specialized web hosting company established in year 2000. The company has been providing it’s services to the local and international demand of web hosting needs in over 60 countries and has managed over 350 servers for more than 15,000 sites. With new technology and market demand rising to occasions, EQHost has been constantly evolving to pace people’s expectation and to improve their user experience that focuses primarily on the standard of quality.

After a decade being in the web hosting industry, EQHost has taken to the next level to meet the requirement of market demand. The continuous development and research has evolved EQHost from merely a business service to a solution-oriented provider. With no superfluous of product intended, EQHost concentrates on surpassing the requirement of popular demand by dedicating its efforts and expertise to enhance the exclusiveness of one and only web hosting plan.


To provide one best solution to meet the needs of local and global market of web hosting.


We prioritise the demand of our clients as we rapidly improve the affordability and reliable through our technology and service to give the best concentrated solution that addresses all web hosting needs.

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Why Choose EQHost?

Since year 2000.
The most affordable plan.
Best specs into only one plan.
Site setup immediately.
RVSiteBuilder with over 800 templates for free.
99.9% of uptime.
Multiple choices of CMS
3 easy methods payment.
12 hours respond time and live chat.
Complete an order in 5 simple steps.